On several actions, the concept of File Actions is used. So you are free to decide, what you want to do with a file, which is generated during an action.

Core Options

Store in Documents Module

This option request some configurations

Document titleThe title of the Documents Record
Document Description(optionally) You could set the Description field
FolderChoose to which folder this file should assigned
execute this workflow
with the new Document
You could directly execute a workflow for this new Document
create relationship to the used recordShould the new Document create a Relationship to the records you used to create the Document

direct download File

Should be easy to understandable.
This option will stop the workflow and direct download the file. No task will be executed in this workflow.

Store in Filestore

This option implements the new Filestore
You only need to set the ID of the file inside the FileStore for later reference.

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