Please be very carefully with this task. 

We are not responsible for any modifications you do with it, if you set the wrong selection and change too much records.
This task is able to modify every record within a module during one execution with the same value, if you don’t work carefully. You could loose your data.

This task is equal to the default “set values” task, but allows you to modify multiple external records at once.

The configuration is split into two parts. On top of configuration you generate a Record Selection, to select the records you want to modify.

Below this part, you found the default “Set values” configuration, which allows you to set single fields and the new content of this field.

Because this block is very powerful, you could enable a “Dry Run” mode, which don’t modify records, and only log the matched Record IDs into the execution statistic of this block.

Since version 7.02.18 you can access $env[“record”] within set values part of this block, which hold the current value of external record. So you can calculate a new value, based on old one.

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